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We bring IT to business
Fokus. "We bring IT to business"

accelco is an innovative provider of IT solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies for Finance and Automotive.

Business Orientation
In our point of view it is essential to realise that information technologies are just a means of supporting business. Technical components can never be regarded as an end in itself; technical gadgets may be impressive due to their technological enhancement, but this is not an indicator for its value for the customer. As a result, we always try to develop a solution based on the structure and demands of the customers business. The major task of our project management is to secure that all projects keep to time line and budget. We support our customers during all processes ranging from conceptual tasks to maintenance. In Finance and Automotive we successfully cooperate with our customers since seven years. Throughout our cooperations, we offered short-dated availability and quick solutions. Our focus on Finance and Automotive is based on our experience of uncovering large potentials for process optimisation.

Focus Finance:
Especially within Finance, it is necessary to deliver solutions within a tight time frame. The customers time line is often determined by their reporting commitments. Fast delivery has to include adequate diligence and testing. Furthermore, the specifications of the BDSG (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz), the principles of banking confidentiality and the handling of encryption have to be considered.

Focus Automotive:
Within the automotive industry, production spans a long chain of processes which offers large potentials for optimisations. As product cycles decrease in length, it is important to adapt optimisations from one cycle to the next and not to develop tools that are linked to specific model ranges. Therefore it is our aim to exhaust potentials to cut costs not only within single model ranges or plants, but to share the benefits company-wide.