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Accounts Receivable Management

Status: Customer project

Accounts receivable management includes the processing of performing loans (PL), sub-performing loans (SPL) and non-performing loans (NPL). Our solution computes about 700m € per month.

Our existing tools for accounts receivable management offer, in cooperation with the accounts department of our customer, the possibility to calculate outstanding claims and to generate reports each month.

The challenge:
- Large, existing portfolios with a predefined data structure are difficult to compute with a new accounts receivable solution
- Common applications often lay their focus on NPL and cannot handle PL and SPL, e.g. payments prior to maturity
- it is often the case that costs, payments and debit estimations can not be entered belated.
- existing reports are difficult to validate, and often their error ratio is unknown
- for portfolios that are computed manually, the default interest calculation is quite complex, as the default interest is bound to the base rate

Our solution solves these issues: