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IT Services and Consulting
Development Projects

We offer support during the whole development process: the formation of ideas, all technical implementations, the internal distribution of your solution as well as training and maintenance.

In general, we apply RAD (rapid application development) methods, as we often experience a remarkable adjustment of the initial ideas when compared to the finalised result.

By offering fast development of a prototype and by applying multiple short development cycles, our customers have the possibility to concretise his concept in an early phase. This way, our customers have maximum control and receive a result they were able to shape by themselves.

This approach proves our ability to offer consulting and support beyond technical aspects, as we are able to deliver results without finalised and detailed concepts. It is our aim to consider not only technical possibilities, but also to participate in finding the right decision from a business perspective.

Based on many years of experience in various business areas we are able to contribute useful suggestions to our customers while shaping their solution. Another challenge that we like to meet is the further development of existing software. This applies not only to large applications but also to tools that have been built by power users. Those tools often become essential, and their impact is larger than initially expected. We raise this kind of applications to an IT-compliant level and, if desired, offer ongoing support.